Audrey Hepburn (1967)

Audrey Hepburn photographed by Bob Willoughby c. 1959

Her beauty has proved timeless — should we be surprised? Equally graceful whether moving or standing still, blessed with a balletic poise, luminous dark eyes, and an exquisite profile a queen might envy, Audrey Hepburn would no doubt have become famous in her youth even if the movies hadn’t found her — simply because no self-respecting camera could resist her. What sets her iconic beauty apart now, for us, exactly 20 years after she’s quit the stage of this life, is that her physicality is oddly secondary. Her extraordinary good looks merely halo a still-living smile, forever
Audrey Hepburn & Julie Andrews at the 38th Annual Academy Awards, 1965.

Audrey Hepburn photographed by Vincent Mentzel, 1988.

Audrey Hepburn rehearsing her dances for Funny Face, photographed by Willy Rizzo, 1956.

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